Properties Of Carbon Dioxide


  • Working Principle: Properties of Gases
  • Product Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: DIY assembling kit
  • Age: 15 years
  • Class/Grade: 10th
  • Category: Chemistry
  • Resource: Student


Carbon dioxide was discovered over 250 years ago by Joseph black an Englishman. It is a colourless gas present in the atmosphere in very low quantities though the levels have been rising lately because of which earth’s atmosphere is warming up. CO2 is essentially odourless but causes a sharp sensation in the nose when inhaled – as you would have seen in your soft drinks. The aim of this experiment is to study the properties of CO2.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students can study the properties of CO2.
  2. Provides awareness about the gases found in our atmosphere and their properties.
  3. Correlation between theory and practical becomes easier
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