MINISCOPE Pocket-Size Microscope STEM

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  • Lens with 90x Magnification: Too small details can be seen by an unaided eye with 90x magnifying lens.
  • Zoom with phone camera:use a phone camera to have a clear view & zoom further into a sample. 
  • Kit Contains: 2 Permanent slides (a. Plant cell b. Mosquito cell) and two plain slides, 2 earbuds, 1 forceps, 2 Cover glasses, 1 dissecting needle & a 90x magnifying lens microscope template.
  • Unique gifting: Ideal idea for gifting to educators & young minds 
  • Durability –Waterproof, tear-resistant paper.


Mini scope is microscope that can easily fit in your pocket, a tiny microscope that allows a comprehensive understands of science around us. Miniscope is a beautiful kit which has everything you need for the experiment. This kit is a ideal present. Give it to yourself, a friend, or your favourite teacher.

Miniscope can be widely used in educational, providing students with hands-on experience in any scientific inquiry. They offer a affordable and accessible tool for exploring the microscopic world.


With magnifying lenses of 90X, you can explore a hidden world of tiny wonders – from microorganisms to intricate details in plants, fabrics, and even mosquitos.

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