Make Your Own Bridge


  • Working Principle:  Strength and stability of a triangular structure
  • Product Material:  Plastic, Rubber, Metal
  • Dimensions: (30 x 11.5 x 9.5) cm
  • Age: 11 years
  • Class/Grade: 6th
  • Category: Physics
  • Resource: Common
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Triangles are the strongest shape because any added force is evenly spread through all three sides. Look closely at the pyramid – it’s made of triangles! Squares or cubes can be strengthened by adding a diagonal piece across the middle, making it two triangles linked together.

The aim of this experiment is to make a triangular and a square structure to test their strengths and then to show the process of construction of a simple truss bridge using a set of beams connected to form a series of triangular structures.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Highlights the characteristics of various geometric shapes
  2. Makes the students aware about the various structural components of a bridge.
  3. Correlation between theory and practical becomes easier