Why are so many students afraid of Math?

Why are so many students afraid of Math?

Mathematics is a subject that students often find to be very difficult, as the mathematical concept is not clear to them. Hence, students gradually lose interest in the subject.

The term ‘Math Phobia’ has been coined to describe the feeling of fear, tension and anxiety about one’s ability to do math. Fear of the subject Math affects their performance as they start losing interest, which leads to them not giving their full attention to the subject.

Some of the strategies to overcome ‘Math’s Phobia’

  • Create a positive learning environment
  • Give them chance to express themselves
  • Be a good listener
  • Try to understand the thought process of the learner
  • Break task into manageable steps
  • Use interactive and engaging resources
  • Move from concrete and action- based representation using manipulatives to abstract learning
  • Provide timely and constructive feedback
  • Develop a connection between daily life context and mathematical thinking
  • Cater to students’ abilities
  • Apply group learning/ peer learning strategies
  • Monitor student progress
  • Math Kit provides learning experiences for key mathematical concepts and engage students with math in different ways.

The NEP 2020 emphasizes the importance of teaching-learning materials (TLMs) for creating a joyful learning environment and critical thinking skills:

  • Class-wise TLM: Schools should create class-wise TLMs that are project and concept based.
  • Active learning: TLMs should be designed to engage students in active learning.
  • Critical thinking: TLMs should promote the development of critical thinking skills.
  • Different games: Various subjects will be explained to the children of primary and upper primary classes through different games. 

Importance of Teaching Learning Material:

Math kit Senior 1 ,Youdo Maths Kits

Youdo Maths Kit 1

Teaching learning materials provide the basis for what students can learn and what teachers should teach. The process used to select those materials is critical to providing students and teachers with a solid foundation for achievement and successful teaching. The use of these materials makes teaching effective, simple and interesting and skill-based learning enhanced.   

Teaching Learning Material:

  • Make the teaching learning process interesting
  •  Helps in clear understanding of the subject and clarifying the abstract ideas
  • Learning by doing helps in creating a lasting impression on the mind of the learner
  • Useful support for teachers as well as students
  • Efficiency of teacher is enhanced 
  • Helps in improving learning outcomes
  • Peer learning as well as group learning is more effective 
  • Teaching learning material of good quality leads better instructions for giving various concepts
  • Math Learning Resources help students to understand concepts more deeply
  • Classroom is more interactive and engaging
  • Encourages learners’ participation
  • Motivates students to understand math
  • Include interactive exercises and challenges that can help students to develop their problem-solving skills and apply their math knowledge to daily life situations.