Working model of Tornado


  • Working Principle: Bernoulli’s principle
  • Product Material: Base – EVA foam & MDF, and assorted electronic parts.
  • Dimensions: (10.5 x 10.5 x 20) cm
  • Age: 12 years
  • Class/Grade: 7th
  • Category: Physics
  • Resource: Teacher
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In our country Tornadoes are not very frequent. A tornado is a dark funnel. the shaped cloud that reaches from the sky to the ground. Most tornadoes are weak. A violent tornado can travel at speeds of about 300 km/h. Tornadoes may form within cyclones.
Are you interested in learning more about tornadoes? Are you a student looking up information for a class project? Then you’ve come to the right place! This DIY kit gives you an opportunity to make your own tornado.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn about the effects of low pressure and high atmospheric pressure in the formation of tornados
  2. Learn about the destructive power of tornados
  3. Correlation between theory and practical becomes easier