Magic RGB Cubes


  • Working Principle: Various colored light in the visible spectrum when combined produced white light
  • Product Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: Cubes – 4 cm , Torch length – 14 cm, Torch dia – 2.5 cm
  • Age: 17 years
  • Class/Grade: 12th
  • Category: Physics
  • Resource: Common
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Making uses of translucent cubes, This interesting DIY kit demonstrates in an ingenious way how various colours in different combinations to produce colours of the light spectrum. The magic cubes light up in all these colours as different coloured light beams are focussed on them. The most awe inspiring part is the production of white light when all the three light beams, i.e. Red, Green and Blue are focussed on the cube concurrently.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn about all the colours which form part of the visible spectrum of light
  2. Learn about production of different colours on mixing various colours
  3. Helps in developing creativity