Exploring the Tiny World with Miniscope

What is Mini Scope?

Miniscope Pocket Microscope Stem

Mini scope is microscope that can fit into your pocket, a tiny microscope that allows a comprehensive understands of science around us. Miniscope is a beautiful kit which has everything you need for the experiment. This kit is an ideal present. Give it to yourself, a friend, or your favourite teacher.  Miniscope puts the power of science in your pocket! This innovative microscope is made from paper and precision optics, making it affordable, high-quality, and accessible to everyone. With magnifying lenses of 90X, you can explore a hidden world of tiny wonders – from microorganisms to intricate details in plants, fabrics, and even mosquitos.

Why was it Invented

Although they are valuable instruments for science, microscopes can be costly to use and acquire. Everyone can study the microscopic world thanks to Miniscope’s design, which employs inexpensive materials (like paper) to create a research-quality microscope for a fraction of the cost.

As we continue to push the boundaries of scientific exploration, let us not forget the profound impact that simple yet revolutionary tools like the Miniscope can have on shaping the future of discovery.


Unfolding the design

The miniscope  appears deceptively simple and the instructions are written in a clear, concise format and are easy to follow.



    1. Take the mini scope from your kit

    1. Now, get the provided permanent slides of a plant cell and a mosquito within the kit

    1. Carefully insert the permanent glass into the slide socket of mini scope

    1. Using our thumb, carefully adjust the strip so that the spot on the slide aligns with the lens

    1. Hold the Slide up forward a light source like tube light or mobile torch and observe the spot. Make sure you adjust the distance of the light source from the microscope , it should neither be too far nor too close

Miniscope offers Experiental Learning for kids, students and adults

Mini-scope is a tool that children can use to explore their surroundings and see the world from a whole new perspective  Mini-scopes are cool because they’re not just for reading books or memorizing stuff. They let you do things with your hands and learn by doing. They make students  curious about the world and help you see things you never noticed before. So, whether you’re inside or outside, using a mini-scope helps kids understand how amazing and complex nature is.


    • A mini-scope is one of those things you can give a child that not only brings them joy, but also encourages them to be interested in the world.

    • When a mini-scope fits in your pocket, your ability to explore the natural world becomes nearly limitless.

    • Kid can approach the microbiology world of the microscope through a mini-scope.

Features of Miniscope

Lens with 90x Magnification: too small details can be seen by an unaided eye with 90x magnifying lens.

Zoom with phone camera:- You can use a phone camera to have a clear view & zoom further into a sample. Miniscope gives Magnifier power to observe the site of plant cells, animal cells, yeast cells, etc.

Kit Contains 2 Permanent slides (a. Plant cell b. Mosquito cell)  and two plain slides, 2 ear buds, 1 forceps,  1 Pocket Microscope, 2 Cover glasses, 1 dissecting needle &  a 90x magnifying lens microscope template.

Unique gifting: Ideal idea for gifting to educators & young minds because it presents a unique and interactive learning experience for school science classes.

Durability – Made from waterproof, tear-resistant paper.

Note: 2 Plain sides are given in the kit using which a student can do his/her own experiment under the guidance of the facilitator.

Miniscope Promises to reveal natures secrets to thousands of people who have seen them before. It’s amazing to think that something as simple as a piece of paper can unlock the secrets of the tiny universe all around us.