Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates Testing Kit


  • Working Principle: Colour changes in a solution to show presence of Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates
  • Product Material: A set of chemicals, EVA foam, Plastic and Glass
  • Dimensions: DIY assembling kit
  • Age: 11 years
  • Class/Grade: 6th
  • Category: Chemistry
  • Resource: Student
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We are familiar with all types of food items we eat for our survival. All these foods have some important constituents in the form of fats, proteins, sugars and starches. There are ways and methods of detecting these constituents in food items. Aim of this experiment is to demonstrate various methods to detect these constituents.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students get an understanding of nutrients and their properties.
  2. Awareness about the food value of various types of foods.
  3. Correlation between theory and practical becomes easier