FREE SHIPPING on all orders of ₹ 1500 & above

FREE SHIPPING on all orders of ₹ 1500 & above

Set Theory By Venn Diagram Kit

  • Product Material: Plastic
  • Elements: Set contains 8 Pieces of Set Activity Models in Plastic in Four Colour, 3 Magnetic Circle with 2 Set of Magnetic Numbers from 0 to 9, 8 Student Activity Card in 8 Colours with “How to use Manual.”
  • Dimensions: (18 x 12) cm
  • Age: 15 & above
  • Class/Grade: 11, 12
  • Category: Mathematics (Higher Secondary Kit)
  • Resource: Teacher



This Manipulative is used for understanding the concept of subset of a set, disjoint set, union, intersection, omplements, power set and set difference by Venn Diagram.

Learning Outcomes

  1. A beautiful way of demonstarting the concepts of sets and sub-sets
  2. Lays the foundation for subsequent use in solving practical problems in life.
  3. Innumerable combinations

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