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  • Product Material: Eva Foam
  • Elements: Set of 60 pcs
  • Dimensions:  width-5 cm, height-1 cm
  • Age: 6-8 yrs
  • Class/Grade: 1, 2, 3
  • Category: Mathematics (Pattern & Shapes)
  • Resource: Student



Pentominoes is a famous puzzle, that are made from 5 identical squares, fixed together at their edges. There are at least five good reasons to incorporate pentominoes in the classroom. Pentominoes nurture a non-anxious attitude toward mathematics and science, promote an atmosphere of cooperation, support development of the problem-solving process, provide spatialability skill exercises, and introduce children to elementary number theory. In the pentominoes puzzle game, players must rotate and fit them into a grid so the shapes interlock and the finished grid has no empty space. Pentominoes can also be used to examine the concepts of congruence, similarity, transformations (flips, turns, slides), tessellations, perimeter, area etc

Learning Outcomes

  1. This manipulative helps to study concept of area, parameter to identify the edges and vertex.
  2. These shapes allow to understand brain joging excercise in amathematical decorum.
  3. Innumerable combinations

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