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Math kit Junior 1

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  • Product Material: Plastic & Wood
  • Elements: Checkout Description
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Age: 5 to 12
  • Class/Grade: 1 to 6
  • Category: Mathematics (Classroom Kit)
  • Resource: Teacher



This kit consists of 24 types of manipulatives which help the teacher in laying the foundation of students in mathematics. Each maipulative is desgined in a way that makes it easy to co-relate with the curriculum. The teachers will find it a useful training aid. Size of the manipuatives makes it possible for teaching in a group.


Kit Contains:
• Solid Figure Set • Geometrical Instrument Box • Measuring Tape • Jug & Beaker Set • Wall Thermometer
• Chemical Thermometer • Kitchen Balance • Geoboard • Abacus • Fiber Dummy Clock • Skip Counting Board
• Designer Fraction • Pattern of Triangle • Game of Place Value • Magnetic Fraction Disk • Transparencies Set of 10 • Arithmetic Chat Set of 7
• PVC Chart (Set of 3) • Half Meter Scale • Plastic Moulds • Set of cup • Junior Pythagoras Theorem
• Geometrical Stencils • Set of Pearl Marbles

Learning Outcomes

  1. Engaging for the kids as well as for the teachers
  2. Teachers find it easy in explaning the concepts in class in a easy to understand manner.
  3. A fun filled way to lay a strong foundation

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