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FREE SHIPPING on all orders of ₹ 1500 & above

Magnifying Measure

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  • Product Material: Magnet and Foam
  • Elements: Set of 7 magnetic strips
  • Dimensions: (60 x 5) cm
  • Age: 9-12 yrs
  • Class/Grade: 8, 9, 10
  • Category: Mathematics (Measurement)
  • Resource: Teacher



If you need to explore inter-relation among different units (metric as well as customary), then this resource is solution to your requirement. For better understanding of unit conversion from millimetre to meter and inches to feet, go for this resource

Learning Outcomes

  1. Great manipulative to learn coversion of unit.
  2. It explains the inter relation between different units.
  3. Help in Laying a strong foundation

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